Telephonic Interviews

A telephone survey or an interview is an efficient data collection method, wherein the interviewer conducts an interview via telephone, and responses are collected either through pre-coded options or by providing verbatim answers. This quantitative research method is popularly known as Computer-Aided Telephone Interview (CATI)

Benefits of CATI

Meaningful insights in an organized form

Data accuracy

Targeting audiences that are difficult to reach

Over the last 11 years, we, as one of the best quantitative market research companies in the world, have successfully executed CATI surveys for some of the most renowned brands and management consulting companies. We have conducted multi-industry market research across 90 countries in over 22 foreign languages.

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Benefits of Unimrkt's Global Panel

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Access to Niche, B2B & Healthcare Targeting
High Completion
Time &
Cost Saving
Verified Panel
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Intercept Interview

An intercept interview is a quantitative research method of conducting on-site interviews with consumers or respondents who are approached in crowded areas, such as grocery stores and shopping malls.

The trained interviewers are positioned in or near the business that is sponsoring the research. They select the entry or exit points and administer a short screener to check whether the respondent qualifies for the research or not. If the respondents qualify, the interviewer conducts a full survey at that location.

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