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Telephonic Interviews

A telephone survey or an interview stands as a cornerstone in the realm of quantitative descriptive research. Recognized for its efficiency as a data collection method, the interviewer conducts the conversation via telephone. Responses are meticulously gathered, either through pre-coded options, showcasing the strengths of quantitative research, or by capturing verbatim answers. This method, widely acknowledged as the Computer-Aided Telephone Interview (CATI), is a testament to the advancements in quantitative research techniques.

Benefits of CATI

Meaningful insights in an organized form

Meaningful insights in an organized form

Data accuracy

Data accuracy

Targeting Audiences that Are Hard to Reach

Targeting Audiences that Are Hard to Reach

Over the past 14 years, Unimrkt Research has emerged as a beacon among quantitative market research companies on a global scale. Our prowess in executing CATI surveys has catered to some of the most illustrious brands and management consulting firms, underlining the advantages of quantitative market research. Our expansive portfolio includes multi-industry market research spanning across 90 countries, delivered in over 22 foreign languages, making us a prominent global market research company.


Global Panel

Unimrkt Response

Deploying a diverse set of seasoned panelists to provide necessary insights...

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About Opinion Edge

Engaging users on a voluntary basis to provide first-hand opinions and experiences...

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Challenges We Cover

Leveraging the thoughtful insights provided by industry leaders spanning industries to...

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Benefits of Unimrkt's Global Panel

Quicker, faster & real responses
Verified panel members
High survey completion rate
Time & Cost Savings
Deep profiling across 200 attributes
Highly engaged respondent
Robust API based platform

Intercept Interview

The intercept interview, a pivotal quantitative research method, offers a unique approach to data collection. It involves conducting on-site interviews with consumers or respondents, typically approached in bustling areas like grocery stores and shopping malls, highlighting the versatility of quantitative research techniques.

Our adept interviewers, trained in the nuances of quantitative research types, position themselves strategically either in or proximate to the business commissioning the research. They judiciously select entry or exit points, administering a concise screener to ascertain if the respondent aligns with the study's criteria. Upon validation, the interviewer delves into a comprehensive survey on the spot, ensuring the advantages of quantitative research are fully harnessed.

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