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3 B2B Market Research Trends That Could Shape 2022

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3 B2B Market Research Trends That Could Shape 2022

By Unimrkt 22/04/2022

The world has seen significant disruptions since the later part of 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic led to significant changes in customer behavior and preferences. Ultimately, most brands have come to appreciate the need to keep on top of ever-changing consumer behavior following a year of tremendous upheaval. These changes have brought technology-driven market research practices to the forefront. To better handle the diversity of populations and keep up with the constantly changing, multi-dimensional society, brands need to adapt to the new market research trends. Over the last few years, research has evolved away from merely defining fundamental features of the average consumer; such as age, wealth, social class, and gender. Today, it is more concerned about creating uniquely relevant insights in terms of consumers’ individualism. Hyper-segmentation will become increasingly important in 2022. Before you approach a market research company for qualitative data analysis, let us take a look at some of the major trends that could impact B2B market research in 2022.

1. Customer Experience Research Will Get More Complex

Gone are the days when surveys were the only way to measure customer satisfaction. In 2022, we should expect primary market research to get more complicated. Of course, surveys will always play a pivotal role in market research. After all, periodic surveys help researchers to measure performance, gather post-purchase feedback, and build a data cache. However, it is no longer the only alternative for gaining valuable customer feedback. Market research analysis programs will become significantly broader in scope in 2022. Executives will be more interested in integrating customer feedback in a meaningful and profitable way that allows for immediate customer connections and issue resolution rather than just data collection.

2. Data Collection Will Become More Crucial

Let’s be honest! Data is the new oil. Although more companies are coming up with new data collection practices, a significant shift may be noticed in 2022. While data collection will remain the norm, a mere collection of numbers won’t help any better. Many firms' customer experience and market research departments are expected to evolve as they have amassed a number of potentially useful data sets that are simply waiting to be used. These datasets include:

  • Customer habits
  • Transaction behavior
  • Customer attitudes
  • Purchase preferences
  • Digital actions based on third-party data
  • Customer Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

We expect CX departments and market researchers to transition from data consumers to data contributors, sharing crucial customer experiences along their journey. It would lay a new path for quantitative market research. To add new avenues to your data exploration process, consider partnering with an experienced market research company that has a proven track record.

3. Even B2B Clients Will Seek B2C-like Experiences

People have become more smartphone-dependent than before 2019. It’s impossible to imagine a world where we don’t have phones in our hands. Moreover, with companies like Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon providing more personalized experiences to their users, people have started expecting similar UX from B2B portals. As it stands, B2B customers want the same experiences as B2C customers. This includes:

  • Quick service
  • Fast product purchases
  • Unmatched digital material, and
  • Prompt customer care

Future B2B buyers will anticipate more open, connected, intuitive, and fast purchasing experiences. Companies that can provide such experiences will be the winners.

Final Word

While no one can tell what the future of B2B market research holds, we do know that technology will continue to bring new methodologies to action. Businesses have begun to recognize the relevance of paid market research, and to stay ahead of your competition, it is imperative to connect with the best market research companies in your sector. If you are looking for a market research company that can help transform how you conduct business whether through market research analysis, qualitative data analysis, or quantitative market research, your search ends at Unimrkt Research. We are one of the best b2b market research companies, having conducted multi-industry research across 90 countries, spanning four continents, namely America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

To discuss your requirements or hear more about how our market research company can work as an extension of your organization, call +91-124-424-5210 or email You may also fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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