Research Support

Survey Programming

We have a team of dedicated survey programmers and IT professionals with eye for detail. They can easily program complex logic, skips, and questions into your survey. Our quality assurance department tests every section of the survey to ensure 100% accuracy before it goes out, making us one of the best online survey companies worldwide.

Our team has the all-around expertise required to handle surveys of any scope. With our high-end market research services, we, as one of the leading market research companies in the world, provide our clients and their survey participants with an enjoyable online survey experience. Some of the professional tools that we use for programming surveys are Decipher, ConfirmIT, and Sawtooth.

Key Features of Survey Programming

Wide range of surveys

'Out of the box' solutions

Effective maintenance to ensure smoothness

Timely delivery

100% accuracy

What-if exercises, like MAXDIFF or DISCRETE CHOICES

Data Processing and Tabulation

Our in-house data processing team prepares a dataset as per your preferred format so that your data analysis is easier and faster. We want to build a connection between RAW data from any available source, be it ASCII or SPSS, Binary or Excel, and as per your objectives, we use analytical techniques to get underneath the data.

Key features of Data Processing and Tabulation

Data cleansing and validation using Excel & Dimension
High-quality standards at all stages
Identification of anomalies & logical flaws in messy data sources
Presentation of data in your preferred format
Simulators for What-if Analysis, including Maxdiff & TURF
Application of Complex Weighting Activities

Verbatim Coding & Processing

Verbatim responses provide meaningful information and insights that may not be available through closed responses and are often neglected.

Our highly skilled in-house coders study the research objectives, document a plan, and then build a coding frame, which is then followed by final coding. The coding frame is shared with the client before proceeding with the final coding.

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