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Unimrkt Response

Unimrkt Response boasts a wealth of premium respondents who offer profound insights on products, services and brands daily, exerting a direct influence on the decision making process. Through our expertly managed community network, we have amassed a globally connected panel of 100% verified (double opt-in) users who have consented to share their opinion, answers, and inputs on our surveys. We specialize in targeting niche audiences with access to more than 100+ data points related to their profiles & interests, such as shopping, automobile, travel, technology, etc.

Our competitive edge lies in our in-house proprietary panel, cutting-edge technology, and the high caliber interviews we collaborate with to provide our clients with exceptional data inputs, making us the premier partner for all your research needs.

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About Opinion Edge

Harnessing the power of a vast & responsive global community of databases, Opinion Edge empowers businesses with the ability to connect with millions of engaged respondents instantly. Our innovative suite of quantitative solutions & services delivers precise consumer opinions & actionable insights, enabling you to gain valuable answers to your most pressing business queries.

We exclusively collaborate with users who voluntarily choose to participate in our proprietary panel network, having opted in to share their opinions, to shape decision-making. Our registration process includes their interests, demographic details, ensuring our panel members are thoroughly validated and their profile remain up-to-date for future surveys & project qualifications. Our dynamic profiling system adeptly captures & localizes data points based on geography.

Why Opinion Edge?

  • Owns, manages, and operates global panels of vetted experts
  • Quicker, faster and real responses
  • Global reach across 50+ markets
  • Deep profiling across 200 attributes
  • Expertise in panel profiling & behavior mapping
  • Highly engaged respondent
  • Revamped Advanced Technology enabled systems & processes
  • 24/7 high touch consultative project management
  • Robust API based platform for the shortest possible turnarounds
  • Complete Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws
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Challenges We Cover

As your trusted market research partner, we empower you to expedite your growth through a marketing journey with bespoke solutions for insights, activation and measurements.

We help you to leverage the power of first-party data by unearthing accurate insights & bridging the gap between data sources to set in motion new advertising campaigns. With our extensive recruitment sources & thoroughly verified panelists, you can access the highest quality of data to safeguard your investment & reputation.

Business Needs

  • Support business transformation
  • Expand addressable markets
  • Drive revenue growth

Research Needs

  • Enhance data & project management efficiency
  • Accelerate insights to market
  • Streamline internal process
  • Focus on revenue generating activities
  • Stretch budget further
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