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Finding the Right Market Research Agency in India

By Unimrkt 24/12/2021

A market research agency in India is an absolute necessity for companies and businesses in almost all sectors today. And why not? With the growing advent of consumerism and the Consumer is King mantra, it is imperative to learn more about what consumers want and need in all market segments. Coming to this aspect, brands which are in sync with rapidly evolving requirements of customers always have the first-mover advantage in terms of launching new products/services, offering value-added solutions or tweaking operations to suit the same. This is where market research is very important.

It is the primary way to determine how consumers are reacting to the brand and its solutions while also helping companies stay globally relevant, with the latest trends and insights. Every business sector is evolving rapidly with thousands of options at the disposal of consumers. How does one stand out amidst all this clutter and emerge to be one of the top market players in every category? By understanding the consumer and target audience excellently along with staying relevant to their growing aspirations and evolution.

This is where you need a good market research company that can get you these invaluable insights. Once you have data or insights, you can strategize for the future, plan new products and services, plug gaps in marketing, consumer outreach and service and most importantly, take several business decisions armed with the right market intelligence.

What a good market research company should be able to help you with:

An experienced and capable market research agency in India should be able to help you with the following at least:

  • Vast B2B (business to business) database and internal databases of consumers, executives and decision makers.
  • Thorough research in the B2C (business to consumer) and B2B categories.
  • Skilled professionals and interviewers for executing multi-language and global projects.
  • Delivery of consumer surveys and other initiatives that delve beyond surface responses to gather rich insights.
  • Extensive knowledge of various domestic and worldwide business sectors, industries and processes.
  • Easy access to networks of experts in all major sectors.
  • Higher cost savings on gathering business intelligence.

These are some of the core propositions that a good market research company can help you with. You will be able to harness insights for business growth while lowering your overall costs handsomely at the same time. In this context, you can consider taking a look at Unimrkt Research that was founded in 2009 and is one of the leading market research firms. Unimrkt Research has done research spanning diverse industries in 90 countries and four continents, namely Asia Pacific, America, Europe and Africa. The firm has also worked in more than 22 languages while being ISO20252 and ISO 27001 certified. Even though Unimrkt Research is based out of India, the company provides all its global clients with a variety of databases and resources and also dedicated project managers that work according to the clients’ respective time zones. Unimrkt Research consistently ensures that its clients get high-end, cost-effective, tailored solutions.

Cutting-edge and progressive research is the need of the hour for companies looking to leverage intelligence towards charting new courses, changing strategies and reaping the rewards of consumer-centric business decisions.

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