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5 Research Methods To Explore for Retail Businesses

By Unimrkt 21/02/2023

The days are extinct when the price of a product was consumers' primary consideration for purchase. While price still matters, there are now also other considerations, such as brand reputation and customer-focused policies. The retail sector is crowded and cutthroat. Customers are bombarded with a wide range of options, giving them the freedom to decide where they want to spend their money. Customers are difficult to read, and it can be difficult for retail businesses to determine how they can stack up against their competition. The solution is simple - retail market research. By performing retail industry market research, brands can learn about their target consumers' tastes, routines, behaviors, and other pertinent factors. At the same time, it is crucial to deploy the right research methods to get the best possible results. In this blog, we will discuss how market research for retail industry can benefit businesses and 5 primary market research methods that retail businesses must try.

Why Should Retail Businesses Conduct Market Research

Retail businesses should conduct market research for several reasons. It can provide brands with the insights they need to make informed business decisions, ultimately leading to the growth of the business and customer retention. Some of the key ways market research can benefit retail businesses include the following:

  • Understand customer needs and preferences: Market research can help retail businesses understand the needs and preferences of their customers, which can inform product development, marketing, and sales strategies.
  • Identify new business opportunities: It can also help retailers identify new business opportunities by identifying untapped customer needs and new opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Improve marketing and advertising: Market research can assist retail businesses understand how customers respond to different marketing and advertising messages, which can help to improve the effectiveness of these efforts.
  • Benchmark against competitors: Research can provide retail businesses with insights into the strategies and performance of their competitors, which can inform decision-making and help to identify areas for improvement.
  • Inventory management: It can help to improve business decisions such as product mix, pricing, and promotion strategies. Also, when it comes to stocking inventory, retail market research can help retailers to optimize their stock level and avoid overstocking or stock-out situations.
  • Identify market trends: Using market research, retail businesses can stay up to date with changes in consumer attitudes and purchasing patterns so that they can adapt to market trends and stay competitive.
  • Improve customer service: By understanding customer needs, preferences, and feedback, retailers can improve their customer service, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

5 Research Methods That Retail Businesses Must Try

Here are the 5 retail market research methods that every retail brand must try:

1. Customer Surveys

You can learn much about your target market by conducting customer surveys. Your survey questions will determine how deeply you understand your target market, how competitive it is, and also help derive feedback on your product.

2. In-Depth Customer Interviews

In-depth customer interviews are all about conducting one-on-one interactions with your customers. Such interviews can be conducted in person, on the phone, or via video chat. Customer interviews offer unmatched insights into your customers' sentiments, purchase motivations, opinions about your brand and product, and overall market trends. Given their direct engagement nature, in-depth customer interviews can often generate unfiltered responses, which is extremely beneficial for product improvement.

3. Competitive Research

As the name suggests, competitive research helps to gather information about your competitors. It does so by employing a vast range of techniques, including primary qualitative or quantitative research, secondary desk research, mystery shopping, and social media monitoring. Retailers can get a comprehensive understanding of their business rivals by using competitive analyses, which allows them to address market gaps and hone their products and services.

4. Social Listening/Monitoring

It's crucial to monitor the internet discussions taking place regarding your industry and brand. Nothing is worse than a dissatisfied consumer venting publicly about their bad experience, leaving negative comments on social media for the world to see. A single social media post can be detrimental to your brand. To mitigate the risk before it's too late, brands must respond early. Your organization will be able to make informed business decisions by being aware of and actively participating in online discussions related to your industry on social media. It also helps to understand the sentiments of your target audience.

5. User Experience (UX)

The main objective of UX surveys is to gather data regarding how your audience perceives your website’s user experience. Such surveys can help uncover important insights surrounding crucial factors such as:

  • Website design
  • Cart abandonment
  • Website load times
  • Website navigation
  • Search terms used to find your website
  • Check-out process

If you run an eCommerce website, it’s crucial to understand these factors as you can use the uncovered data and insights to provide a positive user experience, boost brand loyalty, and promote positive customer satisfaction.

Final Word

Retail market research helps brands and startups gain crucial information about their market and competitors. The insights derived from online market research are essential to crafting winning strategies in the highly-competitive retail industry. Your search for an industry-leading industry research company ends here. When looking for a proven company that conducts market research for small business, look no further than Unimrkt Research. We are a leading market research company with proven expertise in conducting business market research for a variety of industries on a global scale and in a wide range of languages. To learn more about our market research services, call +91-124-424-5210 or +91-9870-377-557. You can also email or fill out our contact form, and we will respond at the earliest.

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