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Focus on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Surveys

By Unimrkt 28/06/2022

Over the last couple of decades, the popularity of online survey tools has exploded. One of the key reasons behind the wide adoption of online surveys is the way they enable researchers to conduct research economically and on scale while also saving time. Online surveys make the process of data collection much easier when compared with other methodologies. Global online survey companies such as Unimrkt Research leverage online surveys and a range of other tools to help business organizations collect high quality data that can be used to draw actionable insights. There are many other compelling reasons to include online survey programming in your primary market research strategy, which we will discuss below along with the disadvantages of this particular research tool.

Advantages of online surveys

Here are some of the most notable advantages of online surveys in your market research:

1. Inexpensive

The affordability of online surveys makes the process of data collection affordable. After the collection stage comes the data processing and tabulation, which is also quite straightforward, especially when working with a research support company. The process is simple and doesn’t cost a fortune and doesn’t demand too much manpower.

2. Increased response rate

Online surveys have a high response rate as compared to traditional surveys. Respondents have the freedom to answer questions at their convenience. The lack of time constraints allows respondents to fill up survey forms whenever they get time, leading to research companies collecting more data.

3. Real-time feedback

The responses that are generated through online surveys are automatically saved, allowing you to have the data at your fingertips in real-time. This makes reviewing the data a breeze and also allows you to take action right away.

4. Facilitates fast analysis of data

Surveys are usually standardized, resulting in the seamless gathering of quantitative data. While qualitative survey research techniques like focus groups or phone interviews might produce fascinating results, the process of interpreting them is more complex (and potentially inaccurate). This is not the case with online surveys. Leading global online survey companies use top-notch statistical tools to analyze survey data and determine validity, reliability, and statistical significance.

Disadvantages of online surveys

The following are some of the disadvantages of online surveys as a market research tool:

1. Limited sampling

The efficiency of online surveys can be hampered by a variety of sample concerns. A typical sample error occurs when researchers are unsure whether to directly study people who use the product or those who influence the customers to buy it. Another example of sampling issues is when just those who are interested participate in a survey of their own free will. The ideal scenario would be for researchers to make extra efforts to increase the number of people who participate in a survey.

2. Potential cooperation issues

It's possible that online survey invitations can be deleted or disregarded. People despise being poked, and if they become irritated, they can just delete survey invitation emails.

3. Absence of interviewer

The lack of an interviewer, while sometimes considered a plus, can also be a major limitation of online surveys. An expert interviewer can often get answers from even the most reluctant participants. They can also read body language and detect whether or not a participant is lying, as well as alter questions to help participants feel more at ease. This is not a possibility with online surveys.

Final Word

Online surveys have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages, although the former outweigh the latter. When looking to collect high-quality data using online surveys and other tools, it helps to partner with the right research company. Unimrkt Research is one of the leading global online survey companies that have immense experience operating in different industries, across different countries, in a variety of languages. To learn about our market research consulting services, call +91-124-424-5210 or fill out our contact form.

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