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Importance of sampling in market research

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Importance of sampling in market research

By Unimrkt 13/09/2021

When it comes to conducting market research to identify the characteristics or preferences of an audience, sampling plays an important role. Sampling is, basically, the process of selecting a group of individuals from a large population in order to collect statistical data and derive statistical inferences from that data. As one of the leading data collection companies, we believe that correct sampling is essential for accurate data collection. Since you can’t reach out to each and every person in your target audience, it’s better to select a subset from a large population set and then derive meaningful inferences from the data gathered from those people. If you want to establish a new branch of your already existing business at a new location, or you want to establish your new business at a location, it would require you to understand your audience and their needs or requirements. There is no better way than sampling to understand your audience, regardless of the purpose you’re surveying for.

Market research is inefficient without sampling. Here are the types of sampling techniques you can opt for:

  1. Probability sampling
    Probability sampling, also known as random sampling, is when you select a sample set from a large population using a method based on the concept of probability.
  2. Quota sampling
    Quota sampling is when you exclusively select individuals that represent a characteristic or trait of a population.
  3. Purposive sampling
    Also known as selective or subjective or judgemental sampling, purposive sampling is when researchers go by their judgement while selecting individuals.
  4. Snowball sampling
    Also known as chain-referral sampling, snowball sampling is when you select a sample with rare characteristics.
  5. Volunteer sampling
    Volunteer sampling is when participants select themselves to participate in a survey.
  6. Stratified sampling
    Stratified sampling is the process of dividing a population into several groups, known as strata. Each group represents a specific attribute.
  7. Combined sampling
    Also known as multistage sampling, combined sampling involves dividing a population into clusters at various stages to simplify primary data collection.

Sampling is important because it can be useful in several ways for market research. It plays a crucial role in understanding everything about your audience, which means you are not only getting their feedback but also getting to know their preferences, how they see your products or services, what sentiments of theirs are attached to your products or services. So, sampling can help you delve into each and every aspect of your target audience, which, in turn, can help you to make more informed decisions regarding product developments and make more effective marketing campaigns.

Not only that, but it can also help in product launch. When you intend to launch a new product, it’s always better to conduct extensive market research before launching to understand what your customers are expecting and which features they’d prefer in your product. So, to turn that product into something your audience needs and prefers, market research is vital. Sampling can not only help you to get your audience’s feedback on your new product but can also help you develop or modify your already existing products as per their current requirements.

As one of the best market research firms worldwide, we at Unimrkt Research have consistently provided our clients with high-end data collection techniques, meaningful, structured data, thorough data analyses, and valuable inferences and insights, thereby enhancing their growth rate. So, if you want to opt for data collection, be it primary or online data collection, for your organization, contact us, and we will ensure that you have valuable insights about your audience that contribute to your success significantly.

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