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Industry Research 101

By Unimrkt 18/02/2022

Industry Research is crucial for the survival and succession of each business. The role of industry research becomes even more crucial due to tough competition. Industrial research typically helps in understanding your company’s standing and awareness among competitors in your industry, helps you recognize the internal and external factors, positives, and negatives on the path of your business’ profitability and overall growth.

Let’s decode what is industry research?

Industrial Research is an analysis tool used by companies or businesses to understand its competition and showcase a comparison to others in its niche or specific industry. Industrial research and comparison are conducted from every point and aspect of the said business to its competitors and market trends. Factors considered in industrial research can be product comparisons and product performances, returns on investment, quarterly to annual performances, pricing strategies, marketing strategies, to even employee pays and human resource management. The ultimate aim of such analysis is how to beat competition, succeed in your industry, and reach your desired profit goals.

Industrial Research is an on-going process due to varying factors and dynamics of the markets, hence independent industrial research should be a part of plan for each business in order to get relevant and up-to-date information. Bottom line of industrial research is to stay in track of your competition and timely review of markets and business factors.

What is the Importance of industry research:

Whether you are starting a new venture or expanding or merely conducting business, industry research is of utmost importance. Conducting successful market research can help you to learn market conditions as well as draw future predictions.

The importance of industry research can’t be stressed enough. Industry Research is one of the best practices to draw a solid framework to make well informed and vital business decisions.

Industrial Research lays the foundation for your market as well as business research. An in-depth analysis of general factors such as profit margins, employment rates, wages, products and services will help you lay the groundwork as well help you focus on the bigger picture.

Industrial Research also helps you predict future trends, possible business opportunities, and sources of growth for your particular industry. It can also help you set up new parameters and goals for your business as it includes analyzing your competitors which in turn can help you analyze your success points, pain points, how to beat competition, better your product and service and points of improvement. Industrial Research can truly make or break your survival and hence the importance of industrial research is undeniably crucial.

How to do Industrial Research?

The first step to doing industry research is Background Research. Background research is your basic guide to what industries you are looking at? Which sector of that industry do you wish to research? Which competitors are you researching on? What questions and queries do you wish to ask? Such background research may be complex, hence is it advisable to get in touch with an independent research agency or research professional to ease out the process.

The next step would be to collect data from your research. Gathering relevant information is crucial to identify current trends, foresee predictions, and competitor’s analysis.

Lastly, the most crucial step is to analyze and evaluate your data to draw valuable and relevant conclusions and decisions. A thorough analysis of your data helps you to generate valuable market insights, aids in an easier decision-making process, and helps you reach your business and profit goals efficiently.

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