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The Basics of Online Qualitative Research

By Unimrkt 20/06/2022

Qualitative research is an essential tool for companies looking to understand the ‘why’ behind consumer behavior. Descriptive qualitative research helps companies identify cause-effect relationships between consumers’ thoughts, impressions, and their interaction with their products and services. Improvements in technology and increased adoption of the internet have resulted in the popularity of online qualitative market research. A majority of qualitative research firms are moving towards online research methods to target customers as they can be easily contacted. In this blog, we are going to take a look at the basics of online qualitative research.

Meaning of Online Qualitative Market Research

Online qualitative market research is the collection of market data through online tools. Online qualitative research leverages internet resources and technologies to collect rich data from the target audience virtually. It not only results in huge savings in time and money but also increases research completion rates. Online qualitative research also enables researchers to connect and listen to hard-to-reach audiences. It promotes convenience for the respondents and researchers alike.

Types of Online Qualitative Research

Online qualitative research tools that are utilized by qualitative research firms include:

  • Online or phone interviews
  • Mobile diaries
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Social media tracking
  • Online focus groups
  • Online forums

When deciding on the type of online qualitative research tool to deploy, factors such as the available technology, skills of team members, effectiveness of the tools, and ease of use should be considered.

Considerations to enhance Online Qualitative Research

Whether it is an in-house market research team or qualitative research firms looking to select a particular tool, there are a few things that can enhance the quality of online qualitative research:

  • To improve customer satisfaction, it is important that companies empathize and listen to what their audiences really have to say. The online qualitative research processes should be customer-centric and well-connected with the research team for easy implementation of feedback and reduction of gaps in the data collection process.
  • Agile market research approach should be adopted for online qualitative research. Short iterative research, engaging sessions, and embedding of analytics in the research process itself should be done to create a cycle where feedback and customer insights can be effortlessly shared and used for decision making.
  • Online qualitative research methods have led to a rise in the significance of data security. It is important to have research processes in place which can securely manage and store respondent data.
  • Easy access to consumer voice should be made available across different levels of the company to expedite research projects, validate hypotheses and reflect major consumer sentiments to initiate actions quickly.

Final Word

Online qualitative research has expanded the scope of qualitative research. It is a customizable methodology that is suited to today’s dynamic and agile business development cycles. To ensure that your qualitative research objectives are met, it is crucial to partner with proven qualitative research firms. If you are looking for qualitative market research services, Unimrkt Research has got you covered. We integrate advanced technology in our use of online qualitative research tools. Unimrkt Research is one of the best market research companies in India that provides quantitative and qualitative market research services for different industries on a global scale. To know more about our services, call +91-124-424-5210 or fill out our contact form.

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