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The importance of data cleaning

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The importance of data cleaning

By Unimrkt 07/09/2021

When you start a small company, you may keep your operations well-organized in an excel sheet. However, as the company grows bigger, data also begins to increase in quantity. You can’t unlock the full potential of a database or data warehouse unless you understand how important data cleaning, also known as data scrubbing or data cleansing, is. It is kind of getting rid of the dirt to find valuable crystals or stones. As one of the leading data collection companies, we strongly believe that data cleaning is vital for the success of a big company. Big firms or firms that intend to grow cannot rely on excel sheets with unstructured data for valuable insights. In order to boost their growth and take more effective marketing decisions, it is important to analyze your data sets, but before that, what’s important is to actually ensure those data sets are clean.

Data cleaning is basically divided into three steps.

  1. The first one involves figuring out what’s wrong with your data, which means jotting down everything that you find inconsistent, weird, fascinating, or empty.
  2. The second one involves choosing the right cleaning technique based on the type of data dirt you’ve detected.
  3. Once it’s cleaned, you repeat the first and second steps.

If you have a reliable team that’s exclusively responsible for detecting corrupt or inaccurate or inconsistent records from a database, your company is bound to grow more efficiently. It gives you clarity on how you can make your marketing more impactful and also allows you to analyze your data without any inconvenience. Clean data sets basically make data mining easier and significantly help in making better and more successful strategic decisions.

Not only that, but data cleaning also enhances your data quality and imparts an enhanced level of productivity. After you’re done with it, all the noisy, incorrect, or inaccurate data or information is gone and you are eventually left with information that’s of the best quality.

In a nutshell, data cleansing gives you three major benefits:

  1. It saves a lot of time that you, otherwise, might have spent analyzing faulty or inaccurate data.
  2. It prevents you from drawing wrong inferences, which would certainly affect your future marketing or operational decisions.
  3. It enhances the speed of computation in advanced algorithms.

So, by now, you might have started thinking of heavily indulging in data cleaning from now onwards, in case you were not serious about it. Data cleaning can be one of the most important aspects of a company’s success plan if it is genuinely paid attention to. As one of the best market research firms worldwide, we highly recommend considering the importance of data cleaning to all our clients. It is as significant as on-field or online data collection and data analysis because, as discussed above, you cannot draw meaningful, valuable inferences from data sets unless you’ve ensured they are devoid of inaccurate or inconsistent or unstructured information. For a faster and effective data analysis, data cleaning is a prerequisite

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